Upcoming Events

Title Date Location
Retreat - Mystical Perspective of Earth and Cosmic Consciousness 19 Jun 2019 Stella Niagara Retreats, Stella Niagara, NY
Retreat - Gifts of the Universe: Promise and Hope 14 Jul 2019 1237 W Monroe St, Springfield, IL, USA
SISTERS OF EARTH 2020 Conference 16 Jul 2020 Pallottine Renewal Center, Florissant, Missouri

Past Events

Title Date Location
Retreat - Teilhard’s Mysticism: Spiraling into the Cosmic Christ 18 Aug 2018 1 Enders Island, Mystic, CT
Retreat - Our Cosmic Heritage 29 Jul 2018 1001 Davis St, Dubuque, IA, USA
Retreat - Exploring Our Deeper Memory: Evolving Universe, Earth and Spirituality 24 Jul 2018 2664 145th Avenue, Wheatland, IA, USA
Cosmic Symphony of Love Unfolding: a retreat in the Living Cosmology 22 Jul 2018 Villa Maria, PA, USA
SISTERS OF EARTH 2018 CONFERENCE 12 Jul 2018 5701 Delhi Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Pre-Conference Retreat - Nurturing Christ-Presence with God's Good Earth and Cosmos 05 Jul 2018 5900 Delhi Rd, Cincinnati, OH, USA