The Mass on the World is one of Teilhard de Chardin’s most mystical and poetic writings. His grand vision was the Eucharist and the Sacred Heart of Christ as the radiating center of the universe. For Teilhard, we live in the bosom of a great cosmic Eucharist. Thomas’ vision is the entire universe as the primordial sacred community. He observed that we’ve developed celebrations for seasonal events (e.g., solstices and harvest) and liturgies, ceremonies, and traditions marking religious stories of faith (e.g., Christmas, Ramadan, Passover, Easter). But we’ve not yet begun to acknowledge and celebrate the moments of grace in our grand cosmic liturgy.

  • Date: 04/30/2024 07:00 PM
  • Location Online Event


Reflections are offered by SoE Maureen Wild, SC.

Free to SoE members.  No registration required.

April 30th Webinar Times:  4pm PT, 5pm MT, 6pm CT, 7pm ET

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This  event is hosted by the SoE Core Committee as a way to prepare for our 2024 SoE Conference: Celebration Everywhere! Delight in the Liturgy of our Sacred Universe. Click for more information about the conference.