"Everything about us seems to be absorbed into a vast celebratory experience." ~ Thomas Berry. Conference Elements: • commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Sisters of Earth Network • experience the theme Celebration Everywhere! with the entire sacred universe 'as celebration' … and our weekend as a kind of cosmic liturgy! • do this through music, earth-prayer, guided reflection, poetry, creative expression, conversations & networking

  • Date: 08/22/2024 07:00 PM - 08/25/2024 12:00 PM
  • Location Online Event


Conference Model and Invitations:

•     a Virtual Conference connecting us internationally via Zoom 

•     encouragement to gather regionally for sharing the experience together

•     an invitation to submit your venue as a site for some to gather in-person, while with full internet access to the weekend zoom sessions.  Submit your venue invitation to Maureen no later than April 15th:  mawild@telus.net  Include: venue address, #s that can be accommodated, contact person for more info. Note: Venues will be advertised by April 30th to the Sisters of Earth network via an email round robin.

•     an invitation from Green Mountain Monastery (Greensboro, VT) to extend this conference experience to include a special anniversary retreat on the land for about 15 SoE: to celebrate the 15th Anniversary since the death of Thomas Berry (he is buried there), the 25th Anniversary of Green Mountain Monastery, and the 30th Anniversary of the Sisters of Earth network.  Dates TBA (possibly Aug 20-25).  Contact Green Mountain Monastery


Conference Cost options:

A. Full Price: $100 USD (incl membership) or $120 CAD (incl membership)
This is the price that covers honoraria for speakers, technical support services, and other conference expenses.

B. Discounted Price:  $50 USD (incl membership) or $60 CAD (incl membership)
This payment option is priced 50% less that the value of the full price for the event. We encourage you to use this option if the full price feels too high for your household or income level.

C. Supporter Price:  This option allows those who can pay more than the full price to support those who cannot afford that price, and help support those given scholarships. Consider using your privilege to increase access for others while also helping to support future Sisters of Earth events.

D. Scholarship and Free Access:
Full Scholarship (includes membership fee).  The scholarship program allows us to offer free-of-charge access to our events on an individual basis. We welcome inquiries about free access. Please reach out and chat with us via email:  mawild@telus.net


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