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A Conversation with Sisters of Earth guided by Bernadette Bostwick. Art, in all its forms, is a profound celebration of life itself. It’s a testament to our existence. It is the vibrant thread that weaves through the fabric of our lives, and it’s a testament to the boundless potential of the human spirit. The philosopher Herbert Marcuse stated that “Art cannot change the world, but it can contribute to changing the consciousness and drives of the men and women who could change the world.” Art has the innate ability to inspire droves of people to try and do something new or unfamiliar; isn’t that powerful? There is a new generation of artists out there who have grown up on a steady diet of media, who need the collective wisdom, encouragement, and support of SOE MEMBERS. As we live through these early years of the 21st century what better group then SOE to share the wisdom needed for The Great Work of our time.

  • Date:06/19/2024 07:00 PM
  • Location Online Event


Hosted by the Sisters of Earth Core Committee and free to all SoE Members as a way to prepare for our 2024 Conference. The Ecozoic Arts Alliance, invites SOE members to celebrate the beauty of art in all its forms. Let’s embrace the colors, the rhythms, and the moments that make life a masterpiece. Whether you’re an artist or an appreciator your unique perspective adds to the tapestry of human creativity. Join the conversation! 

Changing history is, in many ways, what good art of all sorts can do.

Bernadette Bostwick is the co-founder and a member of Green Mountain Monastery and The Thomas Berry Sanctuary.  She is a visual artist whose work has been described as eclectic, deriving ideas and styles from a broad, diverse, and unusual source. Her work ranges from found object sculpture, to collage, photography, block print, and iconography. She is inspired by the constant negotiation between hope for the future, and the crisis of collapsing cultures and ecosystems. Bernadette’s Earth focused icon entitled "Mary of the Cosmos" has been installed in churches in the US, as well as the UK, Ireland, and Canada. Her art is published within books including Missing Mary, The Queen of Heaven and Her Re-Emergence in the Modern Church, and Green Sisters: A Spiritual Ecology.

Note:  Mary of the Cosmos is available in print form, and Bernadette’s other icons, assemblages, and Burl series can be viewed at Green Mountain Monastery. Contact Bernadette