Toni Nash, CSJ

Toni Nash, CSJ - a teacher for over 50 years, a national lecturer, retreat director, and spiritual director. Toni holds a doctorate in Philosophy and Religion with a concentration in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness. She co-founded Sisters of Earth in 1994.

My interests and work are in embodying the new consciousness in today’s exploitive consumer society. I teach online courses through the Deep Time Network. Topics include Spiritual Leadership, New Consciousness, and a World in Crisis; Religious Vows within the New Consciousness; The Doctrine of Discovery and Decolonialization; and Spiritual Practices to Make a Difference. I am also interested in joining with other interest women in a Catholic Sisters Residential Schools Truth and Healing Initiative.


My ministry as a Religious Cosmologist focuses on understanding the roots of our destructive relationships to each other and our planet, and presents a path toward right relationships.  By aligning our actions with how the Universe builds strong, sustainable structures, we connect with creation’s natural energies to transform our behavior and address our ecological, social and spiritual crises with a new consciousness.

Toni partners with religious and faith communities to become more authentic members of a sacred Earth community, and to take up their role as spiritual leaders in this time of planetary crisis.  She’s also applying her work as a religious cosmologist to heal relationships with Native American communities affected by the boarding school era.

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