Gloria Rivera, IHM
Member since 2002

Since 1994: team member of Groundwork for a Just World, focusing on education and action of social issues; Director of Projecto Ayuda, serving seniors; Executive Director of Freedom House, serving asylum seekers; staff for Michigan Coalition for Human Rights and since 2009 full time coordinator for Great Lakes Bioneeers Detroit (GLBD).

In 2000 the IHM community in Detroit, MI, committed its material and human resources to build sustainable community. 

Bioneers conferences opened new vistas to me, provided insights and a framework leading to a deep and ongoing personal transformation. In 2005, with the help of Paula Cathcart, IHM, and other adventurous Detroiters we started the Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit conference.

Bioneers is not only a conference and a movement on behalf of our planet, but also a way of life that invites us to ongoing transformation of consciousness and action on behalf of justice and sustainability. My work as GLBD coordinator is to support and encourage efforts to create sustainable communities in Detroit. 

Lastly, I discovered biomimicry through Bioneers and have taken time to learn and explore more. I usually share this via retreats and presentations tailored to the group requesting them. Another link to the work of biomimicry is AskNature.