22 Apr

Images are powerful. They can numb and paralyze or inspire visions and celebration.  Take the first images of earth from Space. They've done more for the environment than government or industry! Those images evoked Visions that called us to direct our potential to the future. Visions are powerful. They call us forward.  Even more powerful is making Earth day a ritual part of our lives. When we celebrate that vision of the future we want, we nurture seeds of a new consciousness. We create energy fields around us.  We cooperate with the quantum potentiality that first flared forth billions of years ago and brought forth a humanity with unprecedented power of creativity.  

Text by Carol Kilby.  Earthrise photograph from Apollo 8 mission, NASA, public domain.

Find complete blogpost and Dance of Landing Ritual, partly based on The Land Acknowledgement and its essential message: our identity, history, and destiny are tied to the land, to the land where we stand at: https://www.carolkilby.com/post/landing-today-for-2030.

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