Ways to Participate

REGISTRATION is now open.

Virtual:  Cost USD $100, includes membership.


All attendees will meet virtually together daily – the times TBA. In addition, all attendees will be asked each day to engage in an individual suggested experience/practice with the natural world, plus meet once a day in a pod (a breakout room) to share the day’s insights and experiences.



A. Assigned Pods.
Choose to be placed in a virtual pod (5-7) with others. We will assign you to a pod within your general time zone and a unique pod name.

B. Seek out and register with a virtual pod within your bioregion and same time zone.
Preferably gather physically if you can. Or be creative and gather with some who can be physically together and others in your pod connecting virtually at least once each day, but all of you are in the same general bioregion. Decide on a unique pod name which will be required when you register. This will help us keep things clear with who belongs within your pod. One in your pod will be able to send a zoom invitation.

C. ‘Gather’ your virtual pod from various bioregions.
Decide on a unique pod name. Coordinate your own daily whole pod connection across the various time zones. One in your pod will be able to send a zoom invitation.


All participants need access to the natural world when we are offline. 

Registration has opened.

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['Sisters of Earth' sketch by Mary Southard, CSJ]