Ways to Participate

Ways to Participate

Information on ways to attend the Conference:

  1. In-residence at Pallottine Renewal Center, Florissant, MO (in Greater St. Louis, MO area):  Cost USD $305/$355(private) + $15/membership
    Note: Earth’s climate crisis cries out to all of us. So please come on as low a carbon footprint as possible – e.g. drive or carpool from nearby and area States to Missouri.

  2. Commuter to Pallottine Renewal Center:  Cost USD $130  + $15/membership

  3. Virtual:  Cost USD $85 + $15/membership
    Note: We recommend that your virtual participation be within ‘a pod’ of seven virtual attendees.  For the shamanic journeying process of the weekend, each attendee needs access to nature, preferably a wild outdoor space, and to wifi (when indoors) so as to be able to connect with the in-person attendees at Pallottine.  Choose a way to organize or join ‘a pod.’
    a. Seek out and register with a virtual pod of 7 within your bioregion. Gather physically.
    b. Gather your own virtual pod of 7 from various bioregions; connect together via wifi.
    c. Be placed in a virtual pod with 6 others who will also be participating in this conference.

Registration opens Monday, Nov 29, 2021

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['Sisters of Earth' sketch by Mary Southard, CSJ]